It takes me everything I have not to run downstairs and set fire to my neighbor’s face.
Wish I could have brought up better answers to his bullshit. Too bad though, he doesn’t understand half of what I say. I’d suggest German For Foreigners, but for all I know that makes me racist.

The point is, I get a little angry when people yell at my windows. Like. I have a door. Use it. Talk to me. Come close so I can fuck you up :)

Anonymous asked:

Do you think Laura will grow up to be more like you or her dad? Do you have any particular values you want to teach her? Or traditions from your country? Random :)

I don’t know. Obviously she’s going to be her own person. I believe girls often take after their fathers, so…

There’s a lot I could write about ‘morals’ or whatever I think I’d like to teach her someday, it’s just that it kind of feels too personal. Also tumblr can be quite judgmental and I don’t care for anyone else’s opinion.

Being independent and not in actual need of anyone is the most reassuring feeling ever.
It just being Laura and me was so scary at first but now it feels right.