What the fucking hell is happening right now.
Last night I had a nightmare and it woke me up crying, which heavily disturbed M. That nightmare might be about to become reality.
I’m sorry for posting weird shit like that. I don’t even know.

Laura is turning 9 months old next week. Still wearing 4-6 month clothing and (we figured that out yesterday) 3-6 month shoe size. She’s so small, it’s weird because she seems so big to me?!

My baby… Ahhh.

I got tagged.

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  • name: Tamara
  • nickname: Tamy (by my close family), baby (by the bf), Tam (couple internet friends call me that)
  • birthday: 27th of July
  • gender: female
  • sexuality: bisexual would probably fit best. Don’t know, don’t care.
  • height: I always say 172cm but I might actually be a little shorter…
  • time zone: Central European (Summer) Time (CEST - GMT+2)
  • what time and date is it there: Sept 11th, 12:47pm
  • average hours of sleep i get each night: 3-5
  • otps: Ugh. I guess I was a lot into 10 (Doctor Who) and Rose. 
  • the last thing i googled was: "Campus Donaufeld"
  • first word that comes to mind: fish
  • what i last said to a family member: To my Mom “Kisses, talk to you later!”
  • one place that makes me happy and why. Being in a car at night, driving fast, listening to loud music.
  • how many blankets i sleep under: 1.
  • favourite beverage: recently it’s Red Bull. 
  • the last movie i watched in the cinema was: The Purge 2
  • three things i can’t live without: my daughter, someone I can rely on (may it be family or friends), and love.
  • a piece of advice for all my followers: There’s a reason for everything that happens, it doesn’t always make sense NOW but maybe it will at a later point in life.
  • you have to listen to this song: Maroon 5 “Harder to Breathe”
  • my blog(s): twiggyyay.com (abandoned), twiggyyay.tumblr.com 
  • Tagging: as tagged below…

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Life is craycray. I found out about some things that half upset me, half feel alright, and half (yes I’m adding another half to the whole, whatever man I DON’T DO MATHS) just make me speechless. I could definitely use some advice here (the topic being suicide attempts from a relative) but I don’t even know what I’m expecting because the decisions are up to me and I get influenced waaaay to easily anyway.

I might just need a night to reconsider and gather my thoughts.

Useless post x100.

It took many years of vomiting up all the filth I’d been taught about myself, and half-believed, before I was able to walk on this earth as though I had a right to be here.

James Baldwin (via ugh)

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